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  • Do I need a store/trade account to buy from Kelly Paper?

    No. Kelly Paper is open to everybody so you do not need an account to shop with us. We do offer trade accounts for businesses that qualify. For more information regarding an account, please contact your nearest Kelly Paper store.

  • I just placed an order online, when will it arrive?

    You can trust that your order will be quickly processed and delivered to you within 2-5 business days. Items in stock will typically ship out the next business day. Orders placed before 3pm PST (M-F) may ship out the same day. If we suspect there to be a delay for any reason, we will contact you directly.

  • I can’t remember the username or password for my store / trade account?

    In most cases your customer number serves as the username for your account. You can find your customer number on a Kelly Paper invoice. If you don’t have an invoice handy or just want someone to tell you what your customer number is please contact us at 800.675.3559. To have your password reset click here. Enter your username and answer your security question correctly to receive a new password.

  • Does Kelly Paper do any printing?

    Unfortunately, we do not print at our Kelly Paper stores, but we do have close relationships with local printers. Please feel free to ask us for a recommendation.

  • I can’t seem to find the paper I need?

    Dont’ fret, just contact your nearest Kelly Paper store and describe the paper you’re looking for. We are able to place orders on most specialty items directly from the paper mill. Though some special orders may require a minimum, we will inform you of the minimum before you order.